By Phoebe Ewen

Modern Slavery is found closer than you may think.

Often when we talk about modern slavery a picture is painted of exploitation in factories and farmlands, images far removed from the shiny corporate office buildings where much of our usual audience spend each day. Most will be sympathetic to the plight of the millions of victims, and pledge to support the cause to fight this crime, but still assume that modern slavery is not something that they would ever witness in their daily lives.

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Photo by Joanna Burgon

What if we told you that modern slavery could exist in the very office building that you work?

It may seem absurd at first, to think that a victim of modern slavery could be walking around your office. No, we are not referring to your overworked colleagues, who may quip about their long hours and overbearing bosses. We are referring to the millions of subcontracted workers that often go far under the radar of daily office life. The workers who are fundamental to the running of any office space, but which many who frequent the very same office do not often take the time to stop and consider. …


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