By Nolan Clack

Over the past year, the topic of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) in both the business and investment world has been a hot topic. While many might believe ESG falls considerably on investments; however, ESG undoubtedly falls under every component within an organization’s value chain. With more and more pressure from the public, governments and non-government organizations to publicly report on sustainability efforts, it has never been a better opportunity for brands to take initiative to develop sustainability strategies as part of your competitive advantage.

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Untapped Customers

Millennials and Gen Z consumers have been the biggest contributors…

By Phoebe Ewen

From searching for work to speaking with recruiters and eventually signing a contract, most people experience a recruitment journey in order to secure a job. For some this process is relatively straightforward if somewhat laborious, for others it can be a process so mired in fraud and exploitation that they risk becoming trapped in a situation of modern slavery. This risk of exploitation is especially true for migrant workers within supply chains, where many thousands of workers seek low-paid jobs in factories to produce clothes, food, and electronics. ‘Responsible recruitment’ is frequently touted as the way forward…

By Rosie Chawla

Sex Trafficking

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Photo by Jordan Merrick on Unsplash

The International Labor Organization estimates there are 40 million modern slavery victims around the world, with sex trafficking making up approximately 25% of this figure. As complex as this issue is, it also one of the world’s pressing issues. Many are shocked to learn that sex trafficking could be occurring in their own country, town, or city. It could be happening right in front of us. Women make up the most considerable portion of victims and women are also reported in some cases as perpetrators or helpers in trafficking other women into forced sex work. According to…

By Phoebe Ewen

Social auditing is one of the fundamental ways in which the private sector monitor their supply chains for potential labour exploitation and abuse. Frequent audits allow for a trained professional to visit a factory to check the working conditions. Auditors speak to workers and managers about any grievances or concerns that they may have, interviewing them as part of a wider audit process. …

by Phoebe Ewen

As the holiday season approaches, and many of us take time off work to reflect on the year, and reconnect (as much as social distancing allows in 2020) with friends and family. This season for many, is a time for gift-giving, celebration, and charity. During this time, there are many opportunities to take action against modern slavery, the seemingly smallest action can make a big difference that lasts far beyond the holiday season. The following are some examples of how you can fight modern slavery during this time.

Make a Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions, from going to the gym more…

By Phoebe Ewen

Modern slavery impacts every country and virtually every industry in the world today. Over 40 million victims span our global supply chains, from cotton harvesting to fishing, garment manufacturing to electronics. When looking for where to source materials, where to invest money, and where to conduct business, incorporating modern slavery risk into the decision making process can feel like an overwhelming task.

However, there are data sources out there that help us to understand where the risk lies. …

By Phoebe Ewen

Modern Slavery is found closer than you may think.

Often when we talk about modern slavery a picture is painted of exploitation in factories and farmlands, images far removed from the shiny corporate office buildings where much of our usual audience spend each day. Most will be sympathetic to the plight of the millions of victims, and pledge to support the cause to fight this crime, but still assume that modern slavery is not something that they would ever witness in their daily lives.

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Photo by Joanna Burgon

What if we told you that modern slavery could exist in the very office building that you work?

It may seem absurd at first, to think that a victim of modern slavery could be walking around your office. No, we…

By Mekong Club

Watch our short video on the impacts that Covid-19 is having on modern slavery vulnerabilities within supply chains, with practical recommendations for steps that companies can take to protect the workers and their organisation against these new risks.

By Phoebe Ewen

At Mekong Club, we often hold awareness raising talks and hard-hitting sessions on the horrendous crime that is modern day slavery. Each time, we are asked the same question by audience members, who are moved by the stories of the 40 million men, women, and children living in slavery today.

“This is such a shocking issue, but what can I really do to help?”

Modern slavery is an overwhelmingly far-reaching crime that permeates through to our everyday lives in so many different ways. As we learn more about how modern slavery is found the supply chains of the food that we eat, the clothes that we wear, and the electronics that…

By Nicholas Ng

“Oh my goodness, Covid has completely upended my plans to [insert experience here]! “

The sentence above says it all. In this day and age, we hear stories of how COVID-19 has made life much harder, and how various individuals and societies try to overcome these new challenges. But for the 40.3 million people today in modern slavery, they will be hit hardest in 3 ways: heightening risks for those already exploited, increasing risks of exploitation and disrupting response efforts, according to an article by the United Nations University. Similarly, the International Labor Organisation noted that the earning capacity of an “astounding” 1.6bn informal workers had been affected

That makes anti-slavery…

Mekong Club

We are a non-profit organisation committed to ending modern slavery. Contact to contribute to our blog or get involved with our work.

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